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26 Sep, 2016 09:22

Powerful Russian supercomputer to ‘speak’ to any robotic system, no matter which manufacturer

Powerful Russian supercomputer to ‘speak’ to any robotic system, no matter which manufacturer

Russia’s state United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) has designed a supercomputer tailored to operate all aerial, ground and sea robotic systems, no matter who produced them, which makes the cutting-edge solution also cost-saving.

The technology, developed by UIMC’s Vega Radio Engineering Corporation, enables the unification of “the management of robotic systems with specially-designed interface protocols. Figuratively speaking, a unified point operator is able to ‘speak’ the language of the various robotic systems,” a company representative told RIA Novosti.

The ability to engage in a ‘dialog’ is not restricted to only one robotic system at a time, as the operator is able to control “a large number of different machines at once no matter what company has manufactured them and what software is being used to operate them.”

To enable such enviable multitasking, the company has created an 8-teraflop supercomputer which serves as the so-called ‘brain’ of the complex management system.

The computer, equipped with a liquid silicon cooling system can match the performance of about “40 [of the] most powerful laptops,” according to the company.

One of the main advantages of the system is its cost-effectiveness. Because of its ability to adjust to every robotic system, there will be no need to retrain staff, buy pricy software and new point operators each time a new robotic system is introduced.

The innovative solution mounted on Vologda mobile group management complex, which is based on the KAMAZ truck chassis, was first shown to the public at the annual Hyadroavia (Gidroaviasalon) Expo held in Gelendzhik, southern Russia, on 22-25 September.