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Men near Calais hurl branches at truck windscreens in apparent attempt to hijack vehicles (VIDEO)

A video has emerged online showing alleged smugglers dangerously throwing felled trees and large branches directly at the windscreens of vehicles en route to Britain, near the “Jungle” migrant camp in Calais, France.

In a dashcam video, a large group of people, apparently migrants, can be seen standing on the road side in the early morning hours, with trucks heading for the UK passing by.

When a vehicle approaches close enough, the men in an apparent attempt to force stop them, can be seen hurling large branches, aiming directly into the windscreen.

The sticks can be heard hitting the vehicles hard.

It's not the first time migrants in Calais have resorted to violence to let stowaways get on board the trucks and sneak into the UK.

Earlier this month, pictures emerged allegedly showing a migrant in front of a truck with a chainsaw to halt the driver. There have also been several cases of lorries catching alight because of roadside fires started by migrants. Road blocks such as tree trunks and other obstacles to stop and hijack the vehicles have also been reported near Calais.

The attackers are said to be coming from the “Jungle” migrant camp, where thousands of illegal structures are believed to be hosting over 7,000 asylum seekers desperately hoping to reach the UK. Transport company bosses that use the route have addressed the authorities with the issue, saying the situation might result in "deaths."