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22 Aug, 2016 06:49

'Assange kill attempt'? Unknown man climbs Ecuador's London embassy, sheltering WikiLeaks chief

'Assange kill attempt'? Unknown man climbs Ecuador's London embassy, sheltering WikiLeaks chief

Social media users are in a panic after WikiLeaks said an unknown man had climbed the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Julian Assange has been staying for four years. Users suggested that it was probably an assassination attempt, “ordered by Clinton.”

“…At 2:47am an unknown man scaled the side wall [and the] window of the Ecuadorian embassy in London; fled after being caught by security,” a statement from WikiLeaks said early Monday morning.

Later the group said that the intruder was “male” and he climbed the Ecuadorian embassy where “Assange has asylum.”

Though WikiLeaks hasn’t stated the reason for such an intrusion, users on social media suggested that it was definitely “an assassination attempt” on Assange.

Others suggested that the Democratic Party's presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was behind ‘the assassination attempt’.

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Probably some of them remembered that in July this year WikiLeaks said it would release “a lot more” documents to surprise American voters ahead of the upcoming presidential elections - and will not hesitate to make them public.

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And the users started suspecting not only Hillary, but the while Clinton family.

Others suggested that US President Barack Obama was to blame for the ‘assassination attempt’ on the WikiLeaks founder.

Some users worried not only about Assange, but also his kitten, which has been living with him since May this year. So far, the furry feline is being affectionately referred to as simply ‘Embassy Cat’ and has been keeping its nearly 16,000 followers updated on life within the embassy with witty tweets about #counterpurrveillance.

Anyway, social media users called on the Australian WikiLeaks co-founder to stay alive!

Assange has been living at the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012, under constant surveillance by British law enforcement. He was granted asylum after arguing that his extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning regarding allegations of sexual assault against two women in 2010 - which he has always denied – would lead to a further extradition to the United States.

He says that if he goes to Sweden, the US will managed to secure his extradition over espionage charges related to his work for WikiLeaks. He insists that the website defends human rights and exposes illegal actions by revealing classified material to public scrutiny.

In February, a UN panel ruled that Assange has been “arbitrarily detained” in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, calling upon the UK and Sweden to end Assange’s deprivation of liberty. However, both UK and Sweden rejected the ruling.

Earlier this month, Ecuador said that it would allow Swedish officials interview Julian Assange in connection with rape allegations against him at the embassy in London. The agreement was apparently reached after Ecuador’s attorney-general greenlit the Swedish government’s request, made back in June, to interview the WikiLeaks co-founder.