Facebook servers temporarily down across the world – user reports

© Brendan McDermid
Users in Europe and the US lost the ability to access the world’s biggest social network for less than an hour on Tuesday evening, according to monitoring sites and Twitter updates.

Access was restored without an explanation from the California-based company, as is often the case when problems are resolved within minutes.

Partial Facebook outages occur on an almost monthly basis, and the previous widely-reported one was only three days ago, on August 13.

The last  major one was in September last year, when the network, which has more than 1.7 billion monthly users, went down across the world for about 50 minutes.

It was the third outage within a month, and resulted from unforeseen consequences of some software updates.

The longest-ever Facebook outage since it became a worldwide phenomenon occurred in 2010, when it was inaccessible for 2.5 hours.