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28 Apr, 2016 05:06

YPG secure & return ‘Russian Rambo’ of Palmyra’s body – report

YPG secure & return ‘Russian Rambo’ of Palmyra’s body – report

The remains of the ‘Russian Rambo’ killed in the battle for Palmyra have been recovered by Kurdish forces more than a month after the 25-year-old special forces officer heroically called an airstrike in on himself when pinned down by Islamic State terrorists.

“At the request of the Russian Federation, the defense units of the Kurdish people have managed to get the body of the Russian serviceman killed near Tadmur [from Islamic State terrorists],” a Syrian People’s Protection Units (YPG) representative told RIA Novosti.

The body of Alexander Prokhorenko was handed over to the Russian government, the spokesman added. No other details about the operation to recover the body have been shared with the news outlet.

Orenburg city native Prokhorenko, dubbed ‘Russian Rambo’ by the international media, died a hero when he called an air strike on himself while surrounded by Islamic State militants during a battle near Palmyra.

Sent in as an operator on a mission in early March to detect the terrorists’ most important targets to provide coordinates for Russian warplanes to strike, his position was compromised on March 17. Instead of fleeing and risking being captured alive, the first lieutenant relayed to mission command that his position should be struck.

His courage in battle was honored by the highest military award – Hero of Russia – which was awarded to his wife. Orenburg has also honored the soldier by naming a street in his honor.