DRONE FOOTAGE captures Syrian Army advance on ISIS near Damascus

© Alaa Al-Faqir
The Syrian Army’s operation against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants near the country’s capital Damascus – said to be a successful step – has provided an impressive video shot via a quadcopter drone.

The footage by a LifeNews crew purports to show helicopters, tanks and ground troops employed by the government forces against the jihadists. The video was published Sunday.

“The extremists are trying to resist [the advance], but their effort is futile,” the report says.

A half-year-long bombing campaign against the terrorists by Russian Air-Space Forces and Navy has allowed the Syrian Army to turn the tide in the bloody civil war, which has raged in the country since 2011. 

Government troops have achieved several important victories against the militants in recent months, including the liberation of the historic city of Palmyra.