Sex toy prompts bomb scare, evacuation in German town

Sex toy prompts bomb scare, evacuation in German town
Ticking and buzzing noises coming from a dustbin in a gambling hall scared party-goers to the point they called in a bomb squad, only to find a vibrating sex toy resonating from the bin’s metal case.

A Tuesday night-out for party-goers in the town of Halberstadt in central Germany morphed into a bomb scare and evacuation, when a staff member heard suspicious vibrations echoing from a trash bin in the men's toilets of a gambling hall.

The police were called in immediately, along with a bomb-clearing team. “For such cases, there are clear guidelines which police follow and certain measures to be taken,” police representatives told Die Welt.

The police ordered the immediate evacuation of the scene, clearing some 90 people from the building, as well as adjacent premises, and closed off the entire street.

Three explosives experts from the Office of Criminal Investigation in the state of Saxony-Anhalt then examined the contents of the bin, only to find that the noisy object was in fact a battery-powered penis ring, whose vibrations were amplified by the metal container. 

Police say it is not known who placed the object in the bin, but suspect it was done on purpose.

The “bomb” scare no doubt resulted in some good laughs and party-goers immediately sobering up.