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Car charges at police, runs down woman, during Brussels anti-Islam protest (VIDEO)

Car charges at police, runs down woman, during Brussels anti-Islam protest (VIDEO)
A white Audi tried to run through a police road block during an unsanctioned demonstration in the infamous Brussels district of Molenbeek. Met with pointed guns and batons, the driver quickly steered away, not stopping even after running a woman over.

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On Saturday afternoon, over 400 anti-immigration activists staged a provocative demonstration in the Brussels suburb, where last November’s Paris attacks, and the March 22 Brussels bombings were plotted. As the masked activists chanted anti-Islamic slogans, Muslims, who make up two in five of the district’s residents, also took to the streets.

Riot police put up cordons to separate the sides and maintain order. One car however drove straight into the epicenter of the action. In videos that were shot, it is evident that the person in the front passenger seat is casually filming proceedings.

Once the vehicle fails to stop following several warnings, a group of plain-clothes policemen pull out guns, while uniformed officers in riot gear begin to pound on the car, that rapidly speeds away.

A disturbing amateur video shot seconds later show the vehicle hitting a woman wearing a hijab, without so much as slowing down, as she bounces off the bonnet. The woman was taken to hospital immediately afterwards.

The perpetrator, who the Belgian media say is a resident of Molenbeek, has since reportedly been arrested.