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22 Mar, 2016 10:35

'Total mayhem': Witness describes to RT chaotic scene after Brussels’ airport blast

One man who witnessed the fatal explosions at Brussels’ Zaventem Airport spoke to RT about what he’s been through. “It was total mayhem. Blood, dust, people screaming and running away,” Rob Verreykken said.

“I was around 100 meters from the entrance of the airport when I heard a large blast and saw this screen of dust coming out. It was immediately clear for everyone that it was an attack. People started screaming and running away. We then went into hiding around the corner and waited for some time. Then people started coming out. They were really in shock, all covered in blood,” Verreykken recalled.

“I talked to one person who said, ‘I saw people lying down on the floor without legs, without other parts of their bodies. This was terrible, I will never forget it.’ I talked to a man who came from Africa, and was taking a flight to Kinshasa. He said, ‘I was in a hall and saw people literally being blast away around me, I only survived because I was behind a small brick wall.’” he added.

Verreykken described the situation as “total mayhem.”

He said the evacuation is currently underway.

“We're now standing with thousands of people outside of the airport, with police, ambulances and fire brigades rushing in. We still hear a lot of sirens.”

“Of course, this is the result of the insane policy in Western Europe,” Verreykken told RT. “They have left the borders completely open, I can only congratulate Russians and Mr. Putin that they are much smarter than we are here in Western Europe.”

Brussels attacks: Airport, metro bombings aftermath

Brussels airport and metro bombings: 1st time ever highest level terror alert in Belgium. At least 34 dead, many more injured. Security tightened across EU, Brussels on lockdown.READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/77nz

Posted by RT Play on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

READ MORE: Terrified Brussels airport visitors flee terminal building after twin blasts (VIDEO)

Two blasts rocked the departure hall of Zaventem Airport at about 8am local time, reportedly killing 17 people and leaving dozens injured. One of the explosions reportedly took place near the American Airlines check-in desk.

The Belgian Prosecutor General’s office has confirmed the deaths of at least 13 people at the airport. One of the blasts was enacted by a suicide bomber, Belgian TV reported.

Belgian police have found three unused suicide belts at Zaventem Airport, TASS cited Belgian TV as saying.

No planes are currently landing at Brussels airport, which is in lockdown. Planes are being diverted to Antwerp.

The last time the Zaventem Airport came under attack was in 1979 when three Palestinian terrorists threw grenades at passengers who disembarked from an El Al flight from Israel. The attack, which left 12 people wounded, forced local authorities to review security at the airport, DH.be reported.