New CCTV footage offers insight into Flydubai FZ981 crash (VIDEO)

New CCTV footage offers insight into Flydubai FZ981 crash (VIDEO)
Two previously unpublished CCTV videos allegedly showing the Flydubai FZ981 crash in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don that killed all 62 people on board have been posted on YouTube. Both show the Boeing-738 inexplicably dropping out of the sky.

The black-and-white videos taken during the night of the crash show the catastrophe from a new angle and distance. The first one shows the plane literally falling from the skies almost vertically, with a massive fireball upon impact.

The second clip posted by local DONDAY channel shows what looks like a plane trying to land. All of a sudden the aircraft goes up and disappears in the clouds. Moments later the bright spot is seen going down fast and an explosion follows.

On March 19, Flydubai’s Boeing 737-800 jet flight FZ981 was en route from Dubai to Russia’s Rostov-on-Don. The aircraft crashed early in the morning during its second landing approach amid poor weather conditions. The plane disintegrated, killing all 55 passengers and 7 crew members onboard.

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