Gone with the wind: Abu Dhabi Airport devastated by heavy storm (PHOTO, VIDEO)

© Mohammed Shahed
When it rains, it pours, in the case of Abu Dhabi Airport, which on Wednesday saw roofs collapse, small planes scatter, and debris smash into terminal doors in a heavy storm .

The severe weather conditions forced the airport to suspend all flights and cancel the UAE Air Expo 2016.

Airport staff and passengers looked on as wind and rain battered the airport, causing further destruction.

In one video, a large piece of debris smashed into a set of glass doors, causing panic among bystanders.

A post on a frequent flyer site called Boarding Area criticized the UAE’s infrastructure, saying the Emirates are unequipped for severe weather. “Qatar and the UAE seem to have almost unlimited funds for completely unnecessary construction, but can’t even get basic things right, like rain-proof buildings. Embarrassing…,” it read.

Though the worst appears to be over, the bad weather is predicted to continue over the next few days, though flights schedules are expected to resume to normal.