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Swan-believable: Belligerent bird brings traffic chaos to Prague (VIDEO)

Swan-believable: Belligerent bird brings traffic chaos to Prague (VIDEO)
Rush-hour tailbacks are frustrating for motorists at the best of times, so when a stubborn swan decided to hold up traffic on a Prague bridge, you can imagine that commuters got pretty narky.

Local police arrived on the scene where the graceful bird had decided to park itself – right in the middle of the road, stopping oncoming cars in their tracks and causing significant delays.

However, law enforcement officers appeared to be making an even bigger production of things than the swan itself, as a video shows them furiously taking notes while apparently conferring about the best course of action.

There was also a police car and van on hand for backup.

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All the while, the snooty swan remained defiant and unmoved, not in the least bit intimidated by the prospect of the parking ticket imminently coming its way.

When it comes to traffic disruption, swans have style. This one put on a decent show while blocking cars on Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin.

Yet these avian menaces couldn’t quite capture our hearts in the same way as a sloth in Ecuador that recently became a social media star after being snapped clinging to a crash barrier in the middle of a highway.

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