Sea of clouds: Spectacular footage shows clouds cascading gently over China’s Mount Lu (VIDEO)

© CCTV News
A mesmerizing video has captured the magnificent sight of a sea of clouds rolling down a mountain in China’s south eastern Jiangxi Province.

CCTV News captured the spectacular footage as Mount Lu, or Lushan, was covered in a blanket of sweeping clouds Wednesday morning.

The rare waterfall-like clouds danced up and down the mountain top for around two hours, gently pushed along by passing winds.

The phenomenon is known as orographic clouds, forming when mountains force air upwards and that air cools while rising. Water vapor in the air condenses, forming the stunning rolling clouds.

Mount Lu is known to play host to a beautiful nebulous blanket: in June last year, photographers were stunned by a similar sight over the mountaintop.

Mount Lu is part of the Lushan National Park, renowned for its incredible scenery. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996 because of its “outstanding aesthetic value and its powerful associations with Chinese spiritual and cultural life”.