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€70 fine for burping near cop inspires Vienna flash mob

€70 fine for burping near cop inspires Vienna flash mob
It may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but every so often we all need a good belch. Just remember what country you’re in - and check who’s around you.

While burping is acceptable in some countries, one man’s post-kebab release in Vienna, Austria cost him a €70 fine from the police officer standing nearby.

Let’s hope it was worth it.

Edin Mehic received a letter in the mail detailing his "Anstandverletzung" (decency violation) for a loud “Rülpsen” next to “der Polizeibeamten”.

Ich möchte euch eine Geschichte erzählen. Sie heißt: "Mein Tag am Wiener Praterstern"Ein Ort vieler kleiner und...

Posted by Edin Mehic on Thursday, February 18, 2016

€70 can buy a lot of kebabs.

The doner in question was bought and consumed at the city’s iconic Prater Fun Park, where Orson Welles improvised one of the single greatest scenes in the history of cinema.

Mehic said on his Facebook post that he debated the fine with the officer, asking why they weren’t picking up “real criminals” (like Harry Lime), if they worked for Greenpeace, and whether he was being fined for “CO2 emissions”.

Members of the public and belch enthusiasts have arranged a gathering this Saturday at the scene of the original belching "crime" to participate in a “Loud Belch Flashmob”.

So far 118 people claim to be attending and 298 are “interested”.

Perhaps they can watch these epic burbs as inspiration.