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1 dead, 10 injured as passenger train hits crane, derails in Netherlands (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

1 dead, 10 injured as passenger train hits crane, derails in Netherlands (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
At least one person has been killed and 10 injured after a passenger train derailed after hitting a hydraulic crane on a crossing in the Netherlands, officials told Dutch radio.

The incident took place near the town of Dalfsen, in the northeast of the country.

"There were not too many people on the train. The evening train is usually full, but not in the mornings," Mayor Han Noten told Dutch radio broadcaster NOS. He added that at least 10 people received non-life-threatening injuries.

RTL Netherlands has posted the first video of the crash, showing rescuers working at the scene of the incident.

Photos on social media and reports claim that the train is half in a field, and half on the track.

"I was at home, the train comes to us from behind. I immediately went to [the scene]," Ria van der Ham, a local eyewitness, told Radio 1. "I saw several carriages lying on their side. It's a big mess, really terrible."

"The whole front of the train is washed away,” another eyewitness said.

Many of the passengers have been already rescued from the derailed train, media reports said, adding that they are currently been treated by emergency services.

The crane operator was very shocked, but wasn’t injured although he jumped from his 2-meter-high platform, authorities said, adding that he was later arrested.