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Penis waffle sausage rubs ‘family-friendly’ market the wrong way (BEWARE OF PHOTOS)

Penis waffle sausage rubs ‘family-friendly’ market the wrong way (BEWARE OF PHOTOS)
An enterprising young food stall operator learned a hard lesson last week when his penis-shaped waffle sausages got shafted at a local market, according to The Star newspaper.

Inspired by a popular penis waffle trend in Taiwan’s Shilin market, the Malaysian trader at Junker Walk market in the state of Melacca won’t be able to sell his goods after local community members got the willies and felt it clashed with the “family-friendly” vibe.

His case went all the way to the city council.

The penis waffles were found to violate the traders business license terms which permitted him to sell only souvenirs and small snacks. Depends on your definition of small, I guess.

Now he’s stuck with a custom-shaped waffle maker and no place to sell them. At least he'll always have a reliable customer in Tyrone Biggums.

Photos of his creations have yet to leak on the web, but here are plenty of colorful and delicious (?) photos of the “originals” in Taiwan.

Just arrived in Taipei. #gayke

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Only at taiwan #dadiao #ricsholiday #firsttry #firstvisit #gayke #ricsfoodhunt

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The Junker Walk Traders Association distanced itself from the sexy sausage seller.

“As our society is different from that in Taiwan, we have collectively decided not to intervene if the city council moves to punish him,” Gan Tian Loo from the trade association said.

In Taiwan, the penis waffle rose to fame at the Shilin Night Market where women who have been cheated on are told to “chew off the anger” by eating a Gayke (gay cake).

If only they had them back in 1993.

Taiwan’s willy waffle sparked a surge in popularity for other penis-themed foods in the country, including the restaurant Funny Sex with penis-inspired decor and menus.

If you'd like to set up your own penis-waffle business venture, Alibaba have plenty in cock, sorry we meant stock.