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Two Madrid security chiefs hide from angry protesters who chase them into bar (VIDEO)

Two Madrid security chiefs hide from angry protesters who chase them into bar (VIDEO)
A crowd of protesters chased Madrid City Hall security commissioner and the municipal police chief into a bar where the two took refuge until a National Police riot squad helped them escape, a local paper reported.

Around 500 protesters gathered outside Madrid’s security commission building on Tuesday morning demonstrating against the authorities’ decision to dissolve the municipal riot squads (UCS), according to El Pais.

After the meeting was over, Madrid City Hall security commissioner Jose Javier Barbero and municipal police chief Andres Serrano left the building and were met outside by the protesters who were calling for their resignation.  

In an odd coincidence Barbero’s car which was supposed to be waiting for him outside failed to show up. The official reportedly decided to walk toward the central Puerta del Sol square as the second vehicle summoned by the bodyguards was also being delayed. As he was walking, protesters tried to stop him while shouting insults.

Barbero and Serrano’s first attempt to hide from the mob in a cafe failed – they were told that the business has not opened yet, El Pais reported. So they took refuge in a nearby bar.
They were soon picked up by another car which reached them under the protection of the National Police’s riot squad.  

A video posted on YouTube shows a crowd of protesters shouting in front of the bar where the two security chief are taking refuge and rocking their car.

Meanwhile, some officers on duty supported and praised the actions of the demonstrators, El Pais reported.

The police and supporters were protesting the mayor’s December order to reduce the UCS by half to some 80 officers and prohibit them from monitoring people at public demonstrations and home evictions. The special units were created in 2004 in order to disperse violent demonstrations. Officials argued that these units were too costly as each officer was paid a monthly bonus of 300 euros for being part of UCS. However, the decision was slammed by critics who said that 80 riot officers is not a sufficient number for the capital.