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11 Feb, 2016 14:13

Toy Story: Kids’ fantastic drawings transformed into bizarre stuffed dolls

Toy Story: Kids’ fantastic drawings transformed into bizarre stuffed dolls

Children’s imaginative drawings are being transformed into real - sometimes gruesome - toys by an Austrian toy store owner.

The toys are eerily faithful reproductions of the children’s sketches, including odd human appendages, strange tentacled beings, and what appears in one case to be a warrior armed with a bloody weapon.

Nicole Meitz, creator of the Grenzgebiet toy store, said she has been flooded with requests for the knitted toys from parents.

Nächster Auftrag abgeschlossen ... :-)Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Bestellung, viel Spass damit und liebe Grüße nach Niederösterreich!

Posted by Kuschel-Freunde-Manufaktur Grenzgebiet on Thursday, 11 February 2016

Ein neuer Kuschel-Freund ist bereit ein Lächeln in das Gesicht seines Künstlers zu zaubern ... Künstler 7 Jahre

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Das Warten von Jonas hat ein Ende ... ;-) ... sein Kuschel-Freund - die Mama mit den vielen Händen - ist fertig und...

Posted by Kuschel-Freunde-Manufaktur Grenzgebiet on Sunday, 15 March 2015

"It is enormously rewarding when you see a child getting a toy version of something they drew previously. On every single occasion it's a delight,” she Meitz is reported saying in the Local Austria.

Prices for Grenzgebiet toys start from €30 for a basic copy of a drawing or painting.

Ikea carried out a similar project in October 2015 as part of a - somewhat cuddlier - children’s charity campaign.