Pandas and groundhogs agree: Spring has sprung!

Pandas and groundhogs agree: Spring has sprung!
They might be two different species on two sides of the globe, but baby pandas in China and a celebrity groundhog in the US are celebrating the early arrival of spring.

These panda cubs are taking part in their first Spring festival, the annual celebration known as Chinese New Year.

A play area was created for the cutie pies to mischievously entertain their onlookers.

The cubs in the southwestern Chinese city of Ya'an were given access to the area which included teddy bears, swings, and even fireworks.

Earlier this week, America’s most famous rodent Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring after not seeing his shadow.

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Spring Festival, which starts on Monday, is one of the biggest events in the Chinese calendar and has already seen chaos at railway stations as thousands of people attempt to travel home.

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China will welcome the “Year of the Monkey” on Monday, but until then let’s enjoy the “Day of the Panda.”

Spring Festival at Bifengxia panda base.

Posted by Pandas Unlimited on Friday, February 5, 2016