Hare hip-hop: Krishna b-boy breakdance vid breaking internet (VIDEOS)

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Who knew that Hare Krishnas are so good at breakdancing?

A Facebook video showing monks from the religion tearing up the dancefloor to a hip-hop beat has so far earned 2.4 million views.

This footage was shot and uploaded three days ago at the Iskcon Temple in Italy after the Kirtan of Shri "Priyavrata Das” ceremony.

Hip-Hop Has no language!!! #BBoying #HareRamaHareKrishna #India #Inspiration

Posted by To The Culture on Friday, January 22, 2016

This evidence suggests Hare Krishnas are pretty good at playing a supporting role for the main attraction.

Usually they plump for more conservative routines, but this guy certainly has no inhibitions.

The controversial Hare Krishna movement was founded in New York in the 1960s and is loosely related to Hinduism. The movement has faced many splits and legal controversies, ranging from child abuse to brainwashing accusations.

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