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Lightning illuminates Moscow metro in spectacular Tesla show (VIDEO)

Lightning illuminates Moscow metro in spectacular Tesla show (VIDEO)
Some 50 meters below Moscow’s streets a spectacular show featuring bursting lightning has wowed the passengers of the Moscow Metro. As part of the Tesla show some attendees were lucky enough to be ‘electrocuted’ while standing inside a Faraday Cage.

The event, organized by the Moscow Metro as part of the 'Night in the Metro' series, drew over a hundred people to a barely lit hall in the Mendeleevskaya Metro Station.

Bursting bolts of lightning and a majestic electrical display were organized in honor of the famous inventor and electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla, best known for his contributions to mastering alternating current.

The flow of electric discharge in periodically reversed direction became the center of the show that featured the inventor’s famous Tesla coils. An innovative display of electrical lighting was performed by a man from TeslaFX wearing chain mail that prevented the electrical current from passing through his body.


Prior to the light show, visitors were presented with a lecture in honor of Nikola Tesla. “The participants learned amazing facts from the biography of the great mysterious scientist. The participants got acquainted with the Tesla’s achievements with regards to te study of alternating current, as well as the impact of electricity on the human body,” Moscow Metro said in a press release.


For those willing to learn and engage, the organizers offered a number of electrical marvels, that could be touched and played with. The more daring had a unique opportunity to step inside a conductive Faraday Cage and have harmless electric current coat the space around them.

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The last part of 'Night in the Metro' series featured a taste of Indian culture, where more than a hundred people took part in a yoga class at one of the underground stations in November.