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22 Jan, 2016 01:28

Hangover eyes: Odd make-up & injection craze form bizarre trend

Hangover eyes: Odd make-up & injection craze form bizarre trend

For most, it’s an unfortunate side effect of a night on the town, but thousands of women are now using make-up and injections to make them look hungover – intentionally.

While many people may feel a little like this when they’re hungover:

It turns out women around the world are trying to achieve the sleep-deprived look just to make sure they are on trend, to fool peers into thinking they were out partying all night.

Stemming from Korea and Japan, the trend is known as “aegyo sal”, which translates into “charming fat”. Fans of the new craze believe it makes you look younger and highlights the beauty of your eyes.

Women and girls are trying to highlight the fat under their eyes and while many are doing so using make-up, some have apparently resorted to cosmetic surgery to make sure their eyes look puffy.

Slight modification to today's makeup, added on aegyo sal contouring #tearbags #aegyosal #makeup #ulzzang

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Dr. Jonquille Chantrey, a UK based cosmetic surgeon, told the Daily Mail that she has numerous women asking her for a little surgical assistance to achieve the ultimate in “hangover chic”.

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“This ‘aegyo sal’ appearance can be achieved using a number of methods including hyaluronic acid filler or fat transfer,” she said. “I absolutely understand that some Asian patients may like the appearance of a rounder eye but I would advise them of the risks, not just in the short term but in the long term as they develop further eye aging.”

Whether your boss would accept this excuse as a reason for your disheveled look after a night on the town is yet to be confirmed.