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21 Jan, 2016 21:26

Bury the hatchet? Angry Moscow tenants block clearing company’s office with 3m of snow

Bury the hatchet? Angry Moscow tenants block clearing company’s office with 3m of snow

Finding it hard to cope with all the snow that was supposed to be cleaned by a local service, tenants of a prestigious apartment block in Moscow Region found a “creative” way out of the plight by dumping a pile of snow at the contractor’s door.

The snow pile blocking the door was about reportedly 3 meters high.

It seems the tenants’ anger knew no bounds, so after building the pile they decided to “sprinkle” it with water.

A wonderful sight then appeared, probably to the surprise of the company’s staff, who work in an office that requires them to go down a set of outdoor steps to enter.

The tenants at the ‘Novoe Domodedovo’ took to an online forum to discuss the prank and their grievances against the service provider for the apartment complex.

“Here’s something to raise your spirits, dear neighbors. A present to Prima from its thankful tenants,” the message on the forum read.

Вчера жители ЖК "Новое Домодедово" недовольные качеством уборки снега возле своих домов, закопали дверь своей управляющей компании "Прима" где сидит директор и главный инженер.

Posted by Алексей Устинов on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

While Prima, the company charged with clearing the snow, took the prank “close to its heart,” some forum users praised the prank and said they have never laughed so hard in their lives as when they saw the pile of snow.

Moslenta website talked to Prima’s executive officer, who confirmed that the door to the company’s offices was indeed not visible as of January 19.

“We reacted in a positive way,” the unnamed official told the website. “If you can’t find an outlet for all that excess energy, then sure, attack the offices. But I think that energy would be better spent trying to exhume a car instead, that would be a more fitting use.”

He went on to berate the tenants for their lack of manners and bad upbringing, but did add that “we are fully aware of all the problems and issues, we just can’t work fast enough to solve them.”

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Some people turned out to be more “serious” and complained about the unbearable conditions. They wrote that the situation is “simply untenable” and that “you can’t get through to the entrance.”

According to Prima, four young men were behind the snow prank. He then added, ominously, that he knows which apartment block they reside in.