Not today, Death! Worker avoids shop shelf crush (VIDEO)

Not today, Death! Worker avoids shop shelf crush (VIDEO)
A convenience store worker has cheated almost-certain death after her encounter with a customer caused her to step away from a falling metal shelf - with only moments to spare.

CCTV footage, believed to originate in Russia, the Daily Mirror reports, shows just how close the woman came to becoming a shop floor pancake. 

It’s an incident worthy of a scene from film series ‘Final Destination’ in which characters side-step the cold hand of Death, only to be chased down at a later date. 

But sometimes it’s just not your time. In this case a chance conversation with a man brings the cashier away from the till point. 

Then, suddenly, what looks like a large refrigerated shelf smashes to the ground, crushing everything in its path.

One hopes the Grim Reaper will let this lucky escape slide.