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18 Jan, 2016 15:11

Inventor reveals ‘detachable cabin’ that can save lives during plane crash

Inventor reveals ‘detachable cabin’ that can save lives during plane crash

An inventor claims he has the perfect anecdote to ease nervous flyer’s fears in a detachable cabin that makes “surviving a plane crash possible”.

Vladimir Tatarenko unveiled the patented concept, which he’s been working on for three years.

“Surviving a plane crash is possible. While aircraft engineers all over the world are trying to make planes safer, they can do nothing about the human factor,” he reportedly told LiveLeak.

The demonstration shows how the cabin can detach at any time throughout the flight, including takeoff and landing, and, with the help of parachutes, safely land on water or ground.

Passengers may be pleased to learn the cabin would also include the undercarriage of the plane, meaning travellers would theoretically be able to save their luggage too.

Of course some questions have been raised about the cost effectiveness of the design, with many saying it would raise airline ticket prices considerably.

However the aviation engineer claims 95% of people he questioned said they would be happy to pay more for a flight on such a plane - although he doesn’t state how many people were actually surveyed.

Also, the fate of the pilots is left unknown as the cockpit is not included in the detachment, and viewers have wondered about the possibility of the detached cabin crashing into mountains or buildings before landing.

It seems ‘detachable planes’ may be a thing of the future as Airbus unveiled their plans for a detachable cabin in November, but their aim is one of convenience rather than safety

The idea is passengers can board the cabin ahead of the plane arriving, in an attempt to cut waiting time at boarding gates.

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