Elephant rage: Stressed ‘Nelly’ stomps Indian rickshaw (VIDEO)

Elephant rage: Stressed ‘Nelly’ stomps Indian rickshaw (VIDEO)
Known to be quite placid creatures, elephants rarely lose their cool. But when the red mist of rage does descend, the results can be car-shatteringly spectacular.

As this recently recorded amateur video suggests, never get on the wrong side of an elephant. Not only because they are liable to hold a grudge - but the large mammals can also stomp anything in their way into the ground. 

In a short clip filmed in Kozhikode city, Kerala, southwest India, a huge elephant can be seen rampaging through a residential area and taking out all its negative energy on an auto rickshaw.

A mahout riding on the elephant’s back tries in vain to control the angry animal before seeing sense and jumping to safety.

According to IndiaTV, the elephant turned violent during a temple festival in the city.

In July last year, a similar incident was caught on tape in the Danish town of Karrebaeksminde after a handler beat a circus elephant with a stick. He won’t be doing that again in a hurry.