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15 Jan, 2016 13:53

Bad birdies: Magpies caught on cheeky cigarette breaks

Bad birdies: Magpies caught on cheeky cigarette breaks

Magpies are thought to be the only non-mammals that can recognize themselves in a mirror, so perhaps these European birds were just checking out their reflection while posing with a cigarette.

Social media users have been flocking to see the two James Dean wannabes captured with cigarettes in their mouth.

Video of one magpie perched on the roof of a car shows a human helper trying to light his 'loosey', but attempts to shield the flame with his hand seemed to freak out the bird.

An image of the footage was posted as a response to a new photo tweeted from Manchester, England featuring this 'rebel without a cause' posing with its cancer twig.

One newspaper claims the bird has become a "hero" in Manchester, despite recent efforts by anti-tobacco to de-glorify smoking in the media.

Eurasian magpies are considered one of the most intelligent of all animals.

The expansion of their nidopallium is roughly the same relative size as humans and chimps, who seem to share the magpie's attraction to smoking.