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13 Jan, 2016 00:50

Elsa’s dream: Frozen waterfall the width of football pitch captured in China (VIDEO)

Elsa’s dream: Frozen waterfall the width of football pitch captured in China (VIDEO)

Whether it was Elsa, Bobby “Iceman” Drake, or just good ole Mother Nature, an amazing sight was created in northern China when a waterfall the width of a football pitch and the height of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue froze into a vertical super-highway of ice.

Temperatures dipped below -15 degrees celsius (+5 F) in the Shanxi capital Taiyuan, but it wasn’t enough to keep away locals (and a video-recording drone) from witnessing the winter wonder.

Locals weren’t adventurous enough to climb the icy waterfall, even though ice climbing is a global activity with its own grading system.

While the world’s tallest waterfall, Angel Falls in Venezuela, is located in a place where (hopefully) it will never dip below freezing, the award for best frozen waterfall goes to Niagara Falls on the US-Canadian border, with one daredevil climbing it last year.

Waterfalls are not the only piece of winter art made by Elsa, Iceman, or Mother Nature. A car in Buffalo, New York was found covered in a unique ice sculpture after being parked by the great lake of Erie.