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11 Jan, 2016 05:51

Kiev bar stages execution of Russian pilot as part of ‘stab in the back’ theme party (VIDEO)

Kiev bar stages execution of Russian pilot as part of ‘stab in the back’ theme party (VIDEO)

A themed party in a Kiev nightclub praised Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet near the Syrian border. Guests of the event were offered a “smoked pilot” snack and saw a mock execution performed to tunes used in Islamic State propaganda videos.

As Ukraine entered the New Year a step short of economic default and with bleak prospects for the future, organizers of the celebratory feast found reason for celebration.

A person dressed in a sailor suit was brought to the stage and forced to his knees in front of an intoxicated anti-Russia crowd, as the presenter announced they would proceed to “execute a Russian pilot.”

“Every Russian will be punished,” the host said before music featured on numerous Islamic State propaganda videos started playing. A second later, a person who appears to be a restaurant guest enjoying the show, pretends to slash the throat of the individual impersonating the Su-24 bomber pilot.

In the footage, as the “victim” falls to the ground and is dragged off the main floor, the ‘executioner’, content with his part in the play, shows a victory sign. People are heard shouting “Glory to Ukraine.”

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Following the twisted humor of the organizers, the host says: “Now I propose we continue to celebrate, and be more cheerful than this Russian.”

The club has also introduced a special dish and named it “smoked pilot”, as part of a New Year theme event called “Stab in the back” in reference to Vladimir Putin’s blast against Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet over Syria.

The Russian Su-24 bomber involved in the military operation in Syria was downed by a Turkish F-16 fighter on November 24. One of the bomber's two pilots was killed by the Turkmen militants, while the second was rescued.

Following the incident, Russia imposed sanctions on Turkey, including banning Turkish companies from working in Russia and prohibiting Russian companies from hiring Turkish employees. Moscow also suspended the visa-free regime and introduced an embargo on a number of Turkish goods.