Parkour patrol: Swedish police keep warm on train station (VIDEO)

© Mikaela Kellner
The popular image of police officers as boring and utterly formal people living by the playbook has been smashed by two cops in Malmö, Sweden, doing parkour just to stay warm.

On a video released online, the cops run back and forth in the middle of an empty train station, jumping over benches and doing somersaults, obviously hoping no one sees them. But a passenger who apparently shot the video couldn’t resist laughing out loud.

“I and my colleague Erik had to do something to keep warm. So we improvised a bit and did police parkour. We are not quite as good as the real parkour-doers, but we warmed up and had a good time,” one of the officers, Mikaela Kellner, later told Aftonbladet.

The two officers were patrolling the Malmo train station waiting for a train with refugees from Denmark in the bitterly cold December weather, the newspaper said.

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