Turning heads: Child’s flexible neck leaves internet in a spin (VIDEO)

© Sergio Tapia
A child with Exorcist like powers has the internet in a spin after a video emerged showing him turning his body through 180 degrees while his head stays facing the same direction.

The short video surfaced on YouTube on Saturday and has racked up over 1.5 million views since then with many questioning the plausibility and safety of the stunt.

The child can be seen with his head facing towards the camera while he turns his body and hugs his father. He then repeats the move at a slower pace. How he discovered he had such a talent remains a mystery.

The move, which many would find impossible to recreate without causing themselves serious injury, has left some people questioning the authenticity of the video, branding it as a fake. Other YouTube users have commented on the possibility of the video being edited.

Others have questioned the medical plausibility of such an own like manoeuvre as well as the safety of repeatedly doing such a move.