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‘Many children’ among dozens killed & wounded in triple terrorist attack in Homs, Syria (VIDEO)

A string of suicide and car bombings rocked the western Syrian city of Homs, reportedly killing between 14 and 30 people, including children. The exact number of casualties in the three blasts is unclear, with reports saying between 30 and 90 people were also injured.

The suicide bomber blew himself up, and almost immediately a car bomb exploded, and then another explosive device detonated at the site of the previous attack. According to preliminary data, over 30 were killed, the police source told RIA Novosti.

The source added that the attack took place near the Ruqyah medical clinic in the center of the city.

“We [at the hospital] have received about a hundred patients with injuries of varying severity,” a local doctor told RT Arabic. “Some were in a serious, critical condition requiring surgery. Other victims with minor injuries were given first aid and then we sent them to other hospitals. The explosion occurred near the clinic, where regular vaccination of children was ongoing. The aim of terrorists have become innocent children, many kids have died.”


There are conflicting accounts on the nature of the explosions, RT Arabic's Sherin Ali reports. Some witnesses said that there were two car blasts, and then a suicide bomber exploded his belt.  Others say there were two suicide bombers and one car explosion.

The residents of the neighborhood told RT two young men tried to stop the suicide bomber, but failed and were killed in the explosion.

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The bombs reportedly detonated near the main square in the Al-Zahraa neighborhood, SANA news said.

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