Crime doesn’t pay: Siberian thief gets stuck in roof during robbery (VIDEO)

© Krasnoyarsk regional police / YouTube
In a scene worthy of Looney Tunes, a thief in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk planning to rob a small shop came ‘unstuck’ as he fell through the roof and was unable to free himself.

Police were alerted to the scene of the crime after an alarm system went off. However, even they were shocked to find a pair of legs dangling from the ceiling like a crazy cartoon scene. The man became stuck in the roof of the shop after trying to commit a robbery.

With temperatures well below freezing, it seems as though the not-so-catlike burglar was dressed a bit lightly, wearing only a pair of shorts. However, he may have shed his pants in a desperate attempt to try and squeeze through the hole in the roof and to freedom.

Local police eventually (after an unspecified number of attempts) managed to free the man, who said he acted alone. He was taken in for questioning, while a criminal case has been opened against him.