Rosetta spies Jabba the Hutt on comet 67P

Rosetta spies Jabba the Hutt on comet 67P
The Rosetta probe’s OSIRIS camera has made its biggest discovery yet, snapping an image of galactic gangster Jabba the Hutt on comet 67P – at least according to fans of Star Wars, who spotted the character there in an image taken on December 16.

The Star Wars star’s unique image can be seen in this image taken on December 16.

The Star Wars character’s appearance has been seen in a diverse range of places before. From food to dogs, the not-so-handsome one has appeared in many forms.

But this is the first time the devious crime lord has been seen in a more appropriate environment: outer space. The Rosetta OSIRIS space probe took the image of comet 67P (Churyumov-Gerasimenko) from a distance of 113km. The probe has been sending images of the comet to the European Space Agency.

Comet 67P even had a chance to ‘respond’ to the comparison via its Twitter account pretending to be tweeting from the comet’s POV. It wasn’t much pleased with the comparison to the notorious villain.

"Philae COMPARED me to @StarWars' JABBA THE HUTT. He's just JEALOUS - Of my GOOD LOOKS," @IamComet67P tweeted.

In a different light, it seems the comet is also able to take on the role of another Star Wars character.

Here on Earth, people have put forward various other lookalikes for Jabba, with numerous people joking that former mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has similarities with the character.

There have been even more obscure “sightings” of Jabba, with one person claiming their melting ice-cream was reminiscent of him while Canadian meteorologists have claimed that Jabba could be seen in a wind map. Seriously.