Silent Light: When Christmas decorations fail

Silent Light: When Christmas decorations fail
Christmas preparations are in full swing with people festooning their homes with decorations in an attempt to add cheer to the festivities. For some though, it doesn’t always work out.

With hundreds of videos uploaded to social media each year showing houses decked out in thousands of lights rhythmically beating to what is usually dubstep music, a successful attempt usually goes something like this:

While many people enjoy bringing out their inner Clark Griswold, spare a thought for the neighbors next door. They’re not always as impressed.

For others, there are some important life lessons to be learned if you’re trying to give your garden a little festive cheer.

With Christmas being such a busy time for people, they often forget to step back and take a moment to assess how exactly their decorations look from a distance.

It’s so busy for some people, the enthusiasm for decorating the house completely fades once they’ve begun the job.

And others use a rather minimal, yet clever, approach.