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12 Dec, 2015 17:15

'Bronx Obama' happy about Snowden being US president in RT promo ‘from the year 2035’

'Bronx Obama' happy about Snowden being US president in RT promo ‘from the year 2035’

RT’s 10th anniversary has attracted a number of famous people, who wish the channel endless success. Among them was the well-known impersonator of Barack Obama, Louis Ortiz, who starred in RT’s promo mocking the current US leadership, trying to imagine what the world would be like when RT turns 30.

The 1:20 minute clip features old Barack Obama (Ortiz) and John Kerry (performed by Kerry’s namesake). The two friends meet in 2035 to get a drink. Long retired, Obama asks Kerry, what’s new in the world.

“Apart of the fact that nobody is afraid of us anymore, there is nothing new, sir,” says the actor who plays Kerry.

While getting cold beers from the fridge, the TV in the kitchen has RT on and is playing an address by the US president, who in 2035, according to the script, will be Edward Snowden, the infamous whistleblower.

Hearing Snowden speak, Kerry yells out, “Damn Propaganda bullhorn,” in reference to RT. “Damn Propaganda bullhorn,” is repeated back by Obama.

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“It was an incredible production,” Ortiz, also known as "Bronx Obama," told RT. “I’m a fan of RT news. And I’d like to say on behalf of every single American: Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary.”

He said that an exciting part of starring in the RT promo was that it made him see what he might look like 20 years from now.

“The fact that Edward Snowden was the president,” is what he liked the most about the production, Ortiz said.

John Kerry, who acted as the secretary of state in the promo, told RT what it was like to be a big politician’s namesake.

“I sometimes get emails and phone calls as if the real John Kerry is going to be answering his own phone… I try to be nice to the people. Especially it happened in 2004, when John Kerry was running for president, I would get a lot of phone calls.”

Turning to comedy and spinning off Snowden's placement in the promo, Ortiz told the audience, speaking as Barack Obama, that they should not bother to submit complaints about mass surveillance by NSA directly to him.

“If you have any specific complaints, there is no need to contact me directly,” said "Bronx Obama."Just send a text, send an email, make a phone call to anyone, anywhere in the world, and we'll look right into it.”