Ice-bucket challenge, Russian style: Swimmers play chess in frozen lake (VIDEO)

If you think a brain freeze is just something you get when eating ice-cream, then have a look at these two Russians playing chess... in a frozen lake... with nothing on but swimming trunks.

Russian ice swimmers from Yekaterinburg are cross-training their brains and brawn. As they train their muscles swimming in frozen Lake Shartash in preparation for the city games, they are also flexing their brainpower in a game of chess.

In a video, the two men standing in an ice hole are so concentrated on their game that it looks like they don’t even notice the bitterly cold water surrounding them.

As one of the commenters on YouTube suggests, if there isn’t heater somewhere underwater, it’s difficult to believe that a person could actually pull this off.

The games in the city of Yekaterinburg are scheduled to be held in February 2016.