Blazing saddles? Horse stuck in Czech manhole rescued by fire brigade

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A firefighter’s day is never predictable. Occasionally there are actual fires, but they could also be called out to rescue a kitten from a tree or, in the case of a fire brigade in the Czech Republic, lift a horse out of a hole in the street.

Luckily for the horse, it was no bother for the team saddled with the task of removing the beast.

How the horse ended up in this predicament is not known, but when its owner was unable to remove the horse himself, he had to call in the fire brigade.

Using a harness around the nag’s body, they were able to hoist the animal out of the hole with the firetruck.

Rather impressively, the horse was uninjured and was able to walk away unscathed, if not a little embarrassed.

© jasonandrews2014 / Liveleak

© jasonandrews2014 / Liveleak