Soaring neighbor: Russian daredevil walks tightrope after laying 10-story-high wire (VIDEO)

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A 28-year-old Russian daredevil brightened up the view from the window for a whole neighborhood as he walked a wire between two 10-story blocks of flats. His journey was a dramatic one, as he was close to falling down several times.

Breathtaking footage apparently shot from a mobile phone shows a man who fearlessly walks the tightrope on a wire stretched between two apartment blocks in the Russian city of Voronezh. With no belay wire visible, he nonetheless copes with gravity and walks high above a parking lot and a children’s playground. 

The scenery looks even more dramatic amid dark clouds and absolute silence.

Near the end of the video, the man nearly loses his balance and almost falls, but manages to recover and reaches the end of his journey.

Russian media reports that local police found the man and urged him not to repeat his adventure, fearing that some youngsters might try to follow his example.

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