Space talk: RT to hold live Q&A with ISS crew

RT studio in Moscow is hosting a live Q&A session with Mikhail Korniyenko and Scott Kelly, current members of the International Space Station, on December 3, at 14:20 GMT. RT’s online audience has been given a chance to ask any question about “spacey” stuff.

Russian cosmonaut Korniyenko and NASA astronaut Kelly arrived on the ISS in March this year with their colleague Gennady Padalka.

RT Moscow studio calling International Space Station! LIVE Q&A on December, 3. Submit your questions!#RTSPACETALK

Posted by RT on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

RT’s online audience now has a chance to submit their own questions for the space Q&A session via Twitter and Facebook.

Korniyenko and Kelly have been chosen for a yearlong mission aboard the ISS, which is an experiment for ISS crews.

This is not the first time ISS members are talking live to RT. In April, RT’s Peter Scott also hosted a Q&A session with Korniyenko and Kelly.

RT viewers were curious about life on ISS, asking questions ranging from the coffee situation, to whether relations between the US and Russia affect the astronauts' relationship with one another. The crew answered that they really miss a can of beer or soda, hot showers and fresh air. There was at least one luxury that they enjoyed: coffee from an espresso machine that was delivered to the ISS.