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18 Nov, 2015 11:56

‘Died for France’: Mourning for police dog killed fighting terrorists in Saint-Denis

‘Died for France’: Mourning for police dog killed fighting terrorists in Saint-Denis

“It was death for France”, “We respect your courage”, “RIP, brave police dog” - messages of sadness filled Twitter after French police said one of their bravest combat dogs, Diesel, was killed by extremists during anti-terrorist operation in Saint-Denis.

“Diesel, a seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd police dog from RAID, has been killed by the terrorists during the ongoing operation,” said a statement by the French national Police, which really broke the hearts of thousands of social media users.

According to French media, the elite forces dog was killed at the very beginning of the operation, which later led to arrests and the deaths of terror suspects.

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Users of social media thanked the heroic dog, which had protected officers during the raid.

“This dog certainly had more humanity than these barbarians,” one Twitter user wrote.

The hashtags #jesuischien (I am a dog) and #Diesel are currently tending on the French Twittersphere in honor of the heroic canine.

“Diesel, the RAID dog who died to defend our colors [the French flag] and protect us. RIP and thoughts for its master,” tweeted another.

“Hugs and kisses for this brave dog # Diesel's # RAID killed # RIP”

“I respect Diesel, 7-year-old Belgian Shepherd Dog, RAID member who gave its life,” wrote one more user, while another said that this was a death for France.