False alarm triggers panic at scene of Paris terror attack (VIDEO)

False alarm triggers panic at scene of Paris terror attack (VIDEO)
People gathering near the location of one of the Paris terror attacks, the Le Carillon bar, were forced to take refuge when a noise similar to the sound of gunfire caused panic.

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Police were on alert after loud bangs were audible near the Le Carillon on Sunday evening. Security forces ordered the area to be cleared as those in the vicinity reacted in horror. A video from the scene shows the immediate aftermath.

The sounds came from the Place de la Republique located near-by. Hundreds had gathered at the square on Sunday to mourn over a hundred people killed in the November 13 terror attacks in Paris.

Crowds of people suddenly started running in all directions as law enforcement officers urged them to seek shelter.

The police later established that it was a false alarm and the loud noises had come from firecrackers being let off.

On the evening of November 13, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks including mass shootings, suicide bombings, and hostage-taking occurred in Paris claiming lives of more than 130 people.