Parisians donating blood en mass in terror attacks aftermath

Parisians donating blood en mass in terror attacks aftermath
Despite the French capital being in lockdown, Parisians are leaving the safety of their homes in droves to give blood to the victims of the terror attacks.

Mayhem and carnage visited the heart of Europe last night as co-ordinated ISIS-claimed attacks left at least 127 dead and hundreds injured.

But civilians rocked by the second atrocity to hit Paris in the space of a year are now leading the drive for blood donations across social media and opening up their homes to stranded citizens using hastags #DonDusang #PorteOuverte.

Giving blood for those who lose some. Paris is fighting terror !

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The French Blood Transfusion service has received thousands of offers of donations, and many hospitals are now asking people to return later on in the day because the sheer outpouring of support has overwhelmed services.

Queues of several hours are being reported at Pompidou Hospital in the south west of the capital.

Meanwhile, images have emerged of large crowds gathering outside a medical center opposite the Le Petit Cambodge restaurant where at least 14 people were shot dead.

There are more than 20 facilities taking blood donations across the French capital, they include the Trinité Hospital, Saint-Louis, Hospital Lariboisiére and the Saint-Antoine Crozatier medical centre.