Courageous truck driver barrels through tunnel as vehicle erupts in flames (VIDEO)

© Daily News
A truck driver in China was forced to put the pedal to the medal when his lorry suddenly burst into flames. Concerned for the safety of others, he courageously barreled out of a tunnel at full speed before abandoning the burning vehicle.

The terrifying event was caught on film by a CCTV camera. The footage shows the driver speeding out of a tunnel in China's Guizhou Province while huge flames engulf the truck.

According to the People's Daily Online, the driver – identified as Xiao Wei – wanted to make sure he was out of the tunnel before he abandoned the burning vehicle, in order to avoid injuring other drivers or causing the tunnel to collapse.


The blaze burned the entire truck down to its skeleton frame, but Xiao managed to escape unharmed.

It is believed the fire could have been caused by a faulty brake-cooling system or from one of the back tires. An investigation is underway.