Chinese ‘muscular grandpa’ in fantastic physical shape at 93yo (VIDEO)

Chinese ‘muscular grandpa’ in fantastic physical shape at 93yo (VIDEO)
A 93-year-old Chinese man is putting millions around the globe to shame by staying in shape and in excellent health. Dubbed ‘muscular grandpa’, he hits the gym on a daily basis and has even become something of a local celebrity.

Shen Hua likes to keep fit and it has become part of his daily routine. At three o’clock he heads out to do his hour-long workout, which includes chin-ups and various the upper body exercises. One might think there is nothing particularly extraordinary about this desire, except for the fact that Shen is 93 years-old!

The grandfather, who hails from the southern city of Guangzhou, is a latecomer to the world of fitness training and only took up his ritual once he turned 70. For the last 20 years, there has been no stopping him as he does at least 10 standard chin-ups and suspension training, which helps to develop his physical strength. He also mentions that by doing high intensity exercise, this helps to slow his aging process, the People’s Daily reports.

Before becoming a fitness fanatic, Shen worked as a salesmen and was never interested in taking part in sports, as he mentioned his work took up so much of his time, it was something he could not have even contemplated.

He is helped out by his son and daughter-in-law, while he is sometimes asked to pose for photos with surprised onlookers. He has been given the thumbs-up by a local personal trainer called Hou, who mentioned that he hardly ever sees people in their 70s undertake the exercises done by Shen Hua, let alone someone in their 90s.