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30 Oct, 2015 20:48

8-month-old dies from ‘tear gas shot by Israeli forces’ – Palestinian Health Ministry

8-month-old dies from ‘tear gas shot by Israeli forces’ – Palestinian Health Ministry

An eight-month-old Palestinian baby has died from tear gas inhalation near the city of Bethlehem where clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) had been taking place, the Palestinian Ministry of Health claims.

“Ramadan Thawabteh, eight months old, died from asphyxiation today after inhaling tear gas, fired by the Israeli army, that entered the house of his family,” a ministry spokesman said Friday, as cited by The Times of Israel.

It remains unclear whether a tear gas grenade actually landed inside the house or whether it was the gas seeping from the outside which killed the baby.

The baby’s body was reportedly transported to Beit Jala Governmental Hospital.

No confirmation or comment has followed from the Israeli side as of yet. However an Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'an news agency they were looking into the incident.

Ruptly video agency uploaded a video of the aftermath. The footage can be viewed here at your own risk – it contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

Three more Palestinians were injured during the clashes in Beit Fajjar, the village where the incident happened, according to reports in the Palestinian and Israeli press. Dozens of Palestinians were also wounded in Gaza during the clashes with the IDF along the border fence.

Friday saw a new wave of violence in Palestine. Two Palestinians were killed after stabbing attacks: One in Nablus where two Israeli Border Police officers were attacked, and another in East Jerusalem where two more Israelis were wounded. It was the first stabbing attack in East Jerusalem since October 17.

The unrest erupted a month ago when Israel tried to restrict access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem. About 64 Palestinians were shot by IDF soldiers, many of them after they attempted stabbing attacks. There have been 11 Israeli victims, Reuters reported.