Russian Air Force hits Al-Nusra Front command center among 118 terrorist targets in Syria

© Russian Defense Ministry
The Russian Air Force has conducted 71 sorties targeting 118 terrorist targets in Syria over the past 24 hours, including an Al-Nusra Front command center, the Defense Ministry reports.

The number of sorties has risen due to the increased amount of confirmed intelligence information on Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) facilities, Major-General Igor Konashenkov told journalists on Wednesday.

The strikes hit targets in Idlib, Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Latakia and Damascus provinces.

Russian jets have bombed hidden, as well as non-operational, terrorist military facilities.

An Al-Nusra Front command center located in the province of Homs has been destroyed, Konashenkov said. The make-shift control center, arranged in a two-story building, had four jeeps parked nearby.

After drones have studied the location, a surgical airstrike inflicted by Su-34 attack plane has wiped off both the building and the vehicles,” the general noted.

A control center of the Jaysh al-Islam terror group in the Damascus province has also been destroyed, Konashenkov added. The group’s communication in the region is currently disrupted.

The Russian Air Force has destroyed a disguised major supply hub in the province of Idlib, where terrorists stored ammunition and weapons.

In the Elgab valley, the province of Idlib , a Su-25 assault plane has destroyed a major camouflaged terrorist supply point with ammunition, weapons and materials,” Konashenkov said.