‘Oh bacon, how could you?’ Twitter sizzles over UN report that processed meats cause cancer

© Rick Wilking
The world of social media was simply not ready to accept the findings of a new WHO report which has categorized sausages, ham, bacon and other processed meats as carcinogens that significantly increase the risk of bowel cancer.

Twitter went through all of Kubler-Ross's five stages of grief when faced with the daunting news.

Many were in denial.

The most elaborate one came from the North American Meat Institute, an intimidatingly-named lobbying group.

Plenty of users were angry.

Some tried to bargain.

Then there was depression.

And finally acceptance.

With bacon-death imminent, there was gallows humor.

Plenty saw a wider context.

But many were lost for words, and resorted to simply posting pictures of a treat that may well be banned from the shops at the behest of UN bureaucrats, only to be bought from underground butchers, one strip at a time.