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26 Oct, 2015 06:15

Trash splash: Heavy rains over Beirut spawn rivers of garbage across capital (VIDEO)

Trash splash: Heavy rains over Beirut spawn rivers of garbage across capital (VIDEO)

The street trash situation in Beirut has reached breaking point. Despite the summer’s citywide “trash protests,” which later morphed into a general desire to do away with the current government, the trash predicament is worse than ever, as heavy rains hit.

Parts of the Lebanese capital currently look like some Venice or Amsterdam nightmare scenario. People are poking out of their windows with mobile phones, recording the creeping spectacle, like the following video from the Bauchrieh neighborhood.

شو منقول لولادنا بكرا؟ ايه نحنا الجيل اللي شاف اول طوفان زبالة؟ ايه نحنا الجيل اللي اجت الكوليرا عايامه؟ولمن يسألونا ليه صار هيك؟ شو منقلهم؟ ما تواخذونا كنا ملتهيين بمشاكل السياسيين بين بعضهم وقنعونا أنها مشاكلنا وما خلونا نتوحد؟ شو منقلهم؟ نزل كم شاب وصبية آدمي بس ما خلينا عصاية غير ما حطيناها بدولايبهم؟ #مستمرون #طلعت_ريحتكم

Posted by ‎طلعت ريحتكم‎ on 25 октября 2015 г.

Mountains of garbage have been piling in the city for months, as the waste collection crisis escalated, leading over the summer to thousands of poster-wielding Lebanese organizing the You Stink movement.

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This followed the capital’s biggest landfill closing, as politicians failed to agree on revenue allocation.