‘Russia after terror groups in Syria, only hitting confirmed targets’ – MoD to RT

‘Russia after terror groups in Syria, only hitting confirmed targets’ – MoD to RT
Hundreds of terror targets have been eliminated in Syria after almost a month of Russia’s military campaign. A Ministry of Defense spokesman told RT that Moscow only wants to eliminate extremist groups and is only hitting confirmed targets.

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“The [Russian] planes hit targets which have been confirmed to be the terrorist objects using several intelligence sources,” Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense told RT. He also mentioned that the Russians have been using aerial reconnaissance, as well as intelligence from space.

According to the Defense Ministry spokesman, a special role is given to the data, which Moscow obtains from the information сenter in Baghdad, Iraq, where Russia collaborates with its partners from Syria, Iraq and Iran.

He added that the airstrikes have been hitting terrorist targets such as command and control centers, bunkers, ammunition depots and factories where the weapons used by suicide bombers are produced.

“The main aim is to neutralize the actions of terrorist groups on the territory of Syria. That’s why the airstrikes are carried out in various areas in Syria. This includes the provinces of Aleppo, Homs, Hama and Damascus,” he said.

“The type of ammunition used is taken into consideration during airstrikes,” the Defense Ministry spokesman mentioned. “For example, when the Russian army bombs bunkers and concrete shelters, it uses special weapons that at first pin the concrete and then explode inside,” Konashenkov added.

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Speaking about a recent cooperation deal between Moscow and Washington concerning airstrikes in Syria, Konashenkov said that Russia has also proposed to the US that they should sign a mutual help agreement in case of any potential “emergency situations.”

“Unfortunately, our American colleagues do not believe they need to work in this area,” he said.


On Tuesday, Russia and the US signed an agreement regulating the operations of the two countries' air forces in Syria. The agreement is aimed at preventing incidents and providing for the smooth operation of the two nations' aircraft, and for mutual aid in critical situations.

The document, however, did not suggest establishing cooperation zones or sharing intelligence information.

Russia launched a military operation targeting positions of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria on September 30 following a formal request from Syrian President Bashar Assad.

According to the Ministry of Defense estimates, as of October 23 the Russian air force has destroyed 819 IS targets in 934 sorties.